One of the best waves on the Mentawai islands. Long, perfect and with many barrel sections.

Recommended board: Super fast board good for barrels.
Our advice: Go fast and never give up going through inside the section that come ahead. Even on the inside the wave has excellent sections and can be surfed in any part of the reef.

Zone: Playgrounds
Distance to resort: 15-20 min on our boats
Wave type: Right hander deep fast barrels
Rate: 10/10
Length: 100-500mtrs
Board: Fast board for barrels
Consistency: 5/10
Ideal size: 6-8 feet
Difficulty: 8/10
Bottom: Live Coral Reef
Reef factor: 8/10
Ability Level: Avanced
Danger: 7/10
Swell Direction: South-Southwest
Best Wind: North-Northwest
Best Tide: Medium/High
Note: One of the best waves on the Mentawai islands. A very long and barreling mechanical righthander that wraps around a point. Barrels up to 100 yards or longer. Nice and hollow when its 5 feet plus, but usually more sectiony at smaller days. Not very consistent, needs a good south or southwest swell, the bigger the better. Very dangerous at lower tides, watch out for the reef on the inside at all tides. Very difficult wave, experts only!!