Hideaways is a heavy and hollow left that breaks over a very shallow irregular reef of colorful corals. The wave has a late drop ‘ledge’ style and deep barrels on the deeper section close to the main peak and an easier take off with a section good for turns breaking wider.

Recommended board: Fast board with good paddle speed designed for barrels!
Our advice: Hideaways is a heavy wave, be ready for late take offs and heavy barrels…with the outgoing tide the rip turns into a flowing river, paddle hard to keep position and watch out for the coral heads popping up on the inside as the tide drops.

Zone: Playgrounds
Distance from resort: 5min on our boats
Wave type: Left hollow with heavy barrels.
Rate: 8/10
Length: 30-150mtrs
Board: Fast barrels board
Consistency: 5/10
Ideal size: 5-8 feet
Difficulty: 8/10
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef factor: 8/10
Ability Level: Experienced – Advanced
Danger: 7/10
Swell Direction: Southwest-West
Best wind: None/East
Best Tide: Medium/High
Note: On lower tides the reef on the inside comes out of the water, choose the best waves very carefully. Outgoing tides makes the ripple very strong, experts only!! Very dangerous at lower tides, watch out for the reef on the inside at all tides.