It’s a right-hander mushier and good for turns ideal for days with little or no waves as it’s a kind of swell magnet.

Recommended board: Shortboard good for turns on mushier waves.
Our advice: It’s a wobbly and temperamental wave, it’s only worthy to go to Burgerworld when everywhere else is flat since anything bigger than 4 feet makes the wave getting too fat with no wall.

Zone: Siberut
Distance from resort: 35 min
Wave Type: Right-hander mushy good for turns
Rate: 4/10
Length: 30-100mtrs
Board: Shortboard good for turns, Fish or Longboard.
Consistency: 8/10 – Very consistent
Ideal size: 2-3feet
Difficulty: 2/10 – None
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef Factor: 4/10
Ability Level: Intermediate
Danger: 2/10 – None
Swell Direction: Southwest-West
Ideal Wind: None/North/Northwest
Best Tide: Medium
Note: Best bet when everywhere else is flat, bigger then 3 feet becomes a mushy peak.