A heavy and hollow deep water right hander with two distinct sections, one closer to the channel that provides good heavy barrels and another section deeper which also provides very good waves under ideal conditions and can connect all the way to the channel on epic days. Watch out for bigger sets that come out of nowhere.

Recommended board: Boards for thick, heavy and hollow waves according to the swell size.
Our advice: Bankvaults is an oceanic wave very shifty and tricky. Keep an eye on surprising sets specially on the end section close to the channel. With the outgoing lower tide the rip becomes very strong and the reef on the inside start to become more dangerous.

Zone: Nyang-nyang
Distance from resort: 20 min. on our speed boat.
Wave type: Right hander thick, heavy and hollow.
Rate: 7/10
Length: 30-150mtrs
Board: Thick with a good paddle speed for deep water thick waves.
Consistency: 7/10
Best size: 6-10 feet
Difficulty: 7/10
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef factor: 7/10
Ability Level: Experienced
Danger: 6/10
Swell Direction: South/Southwest
Best Wind: None/NW
Best Tide: Medium/High
Note: Great option when there is no swell around and with the right swell produces heavy and hollow perfect waves for more experienced surfers. Keep an eye on the shifty peaks and the clean up sets. The Mentawais version of Sunset in Hawaii.