This is the right which is located next to E-bay. It’s a small to medium wave excellent for turns and very photogenic, breaking over a slab sometimes producing a small barrel on the take off followed by good sections for powerful turns or airs ending literally on the sand.

Recommended board: Shortboard or fishboard good for airs and high performance surfing.
Our advice: It’s an excellent wave for athletes looking for high performance images as its very photogenic from the beach.
Zone: Nyang-nyang
Distance from resort: 15 min on our speedboat
Wave type: Right hander hollow and fun.
Rate: 5/10 Length: 20-50mtrs
Board: Shortboard for turns
Consistency: 5/10, Average
Ideal size: 2-4 feet
Difficulty: 6/10
Bottom: Coral Reef/Sand
Reef factor: 5/10
Ability Level: Intermediate
Danger: 4/10
Swell Direction: Southwest/West
Best wind: None/East
Best Tide: Medium
Note: Very photogenic from the beach, it’s a perfect wave for turns with an occasional little barrel on the take off. The take off spot on a little reef slab can be a bit tricky and after that it’s all good.