A right hander a little further down the line from Bank Vaults … a mushier wave good wave for turns that occasionally produces short barrels on the take off close to the rocks at low tide. It is one of the best option when the swell is very small as it works as a wave a magnet.

Recommended board: Shortboard or fish good for turns on fat waves.
Our advice: Nipussy gets better with a small swell and low tide. The bigger set is not always the best, keep an eye on the peaks that break close to the rocks and sometimes produce a little barrel. On the inside close to the beach the reef can become shallow and a bit dangerous on the low tide.

Zone: Nyang-nyang
Distance from resort: 20 min on our speedboat
Wave type: Right hander fat
Rate: 6/10
Length: 20-80mtrs
Board: Shortboard/Fish
Consistency: 8/10
Best size: 2-4 feet
Difficulty: 3/10
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef factor: 6/10
Ability Level: Intermediate
Danger: 4/10
Swell Direction: Sul/Southwest
Best Wind: None/North/Northwest
Best Tide: Low/Medium
Note: Very consistent right hander, great option when there is no swell around, fat wave good for turns and occasional little barrel on the take off. The inside section at low tide gets shallow.