A hollow fast left with a good barrel section. Very good when there is a good west swell around.

Recommended board: Good barrel board
Our advice: On bigger days the take off gets kind of tricky in some bigger sets at low tide. Watch out for the reef on the inside at lower tides

Zone: Nyang Nyang
Distance to resort: 15 min on our speedboat
Wave Type: Hollow left hander with good barrels.
Rate: 7/10
Length: 30-100mtrs
Board: Barrels board
Consistency: 5/10
Ideal size: 4-8 feet
Difficulty: 7/10
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef factor: 8/10
Ability Level: Experienced
Danger: 6/10
Swell Direction: Southwest-West
Best Tide: Medium/High
Best wind: East-Southeast
Note: It requires a good West swell to break, on lower tides the reef on the inside comes out of the water and its is advisable to choose carefully the best waves.