No Kandui

No Kandui is a super fast super hollow left trowing deep heavy barrels on every section. When the factors are aligned and the size and direction of the swell combine with the right, the wave turns into a tubular high-speed express that runs for hundreds of yards providing many deep tubes behind the peak from one section to another; It’s no wonder that Kandui is considered one of the best waves in the world! It needs a southwest swell and southeast winds to be perfect.

Recommended board: Fast board with good paddle speed designed for barrels!
Our advice: Here the bigger the better! With smaller swell the wave breaks closer to the reef. Don’t give up coming out of real deep barrels, put your foot on the gas and aim for the exit! On the outgoing tide the wave gets full of ripples.

Zone: Playgrounds
Distance from resort: 15min on our boats
Wave type: Left hollow, fast, heavy barrels.
Rate: 9/10
Length: 50-500mtrs
Board: Fast barrels board
Consistency: 5/10
Ideal size: 5-10 feet
Difficulty: 9/10
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef factor: 8/10
Ability Level: Experienced/Advanced
Danger: 7/10
Swell Direction: Southwest-West
Best wind: East-Southeast
Best Tide: Medium/High
Note: On lower tides the reef on the inside comes out of the water and its best to choose the best waves very carefully. Outgoing tides make ripples on the waves. Not very consistent, needs a good west swell, the bigger the better. Very difficult wave, experts only!! Very dangerous at lower tides, watch out for the reef on the inside at all tides.

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