The ultimate Hidden Bay surfer’s guide!

What’s up, surf enthusiasts! 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the essence of March in Mentawai, especially at Hidden Bay, where golden horizons meet the rhythm of relentless swells. 

Whether you’re an intermediate surfer eager to progress or a seasoned veteran in search of new challenges, Hidden Bay has curated an experience that transcends the ordinary surf trip. So, join us as we navigate the surf-laden waters, explore the untold stories of Mentawai’s top waves, and dive into a training haven designed to enhance your surfing prowess.

Buckle up, the adventure begins now!

If there’s one thing we know at Hidden Bay Resort Mentawais, it’s that the thrill of surfing goes hand in hand with the quest for the perfect wave. And guess what? March in Mentawai is a game-changer! Let’s dive into what this month has in store for surfers seeking the ultimate wave experience.

Perfect Surfing Conditions ant Hidden Bay

  • Weather Forecast: March brings with it the promise of golden sunsets and consistent swells.
  • Water Temperature: Get ready to ditch the wetsuit! March sees water temperatures that make every session an absolute pleasure.
  • Plan Your Sessions: Planning is key, and we’ve got you covered. Our guides at the resort will always tell you the prime times to hit the waves, ensuring you make the most of every surfing opportunity.

Tips for Intermediate and Advanced Surfers

  • Surf Training Center: At Hidden Bay Resort, we’re not just about waves; we’re about enhancing your surf experience. Our training center, led by the talented Andreia Fornaro from Andai Pilates, focuses on regenerating your body and mind after each session!
  • Techniques Galore: From Yoga to the innovative five Konzept method, we provide tools to make your surf trip pain-free . Tips from seasoned professionals await to take your surfing skills to the next level.

P.S.: You can always bring your own surf coach!

Top Mentawai Waves at Hidden Bay

  • Explore Hidden Gems: Mentawai is renowned for its waves, and we’re here to unveil the famous peaks that define our region. Every wave has a story, and we’re excited to help you write yours.

Enjoy the Start of High Season at Hidden Bay

  • Unmatched Surf Retreats: Hidden Bay Resort takes your surf retreat to the next level. Our training center, professional surf guides, and exclusive location set the stage for an unparalleled surfing experience.
  • Professional Guidance: Our surf guides not only take you to the best wave conditions but also provide hands-on coaching to enhance your surfing skills. Professional photos, videos, and daily surf analysis ensure you leave with memories to cherish.
  • Plan Your Surf Adventure: With the high season kicking in, now is the time to plan your ultimate surf adventure. Connect with us for details on @hiddenbayresortmentawais

P.S.: Learn more about our Surfing Packages here!

March marks the beginning of a surfing season like no other. Don’t just ride the wave; make it your own. 

Join us at Hidden Bay Resort Mentawais, where surf dreams become reality.

Stay stoked and surf on! 🤙🌊

Your Ultimate Surf Getaway!

Hidden Bay’s 2024 waves high season

Hey, everyone! Are you guys ready for some epic waves? Alright, buckle up because I’ve got some exciting news to spill!

The 2024 high season is almost rolling into Hidden Bay, and it’s about to get real. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect:

Chapter 1: The wave’s hype is real

With each sunrise, you can feel the buzz in the air. The waves are gearing up, and the excitement is contagious. We’ve been keeping our little slice of Mentawai a bit of a secret, but it’s time to let you in on the action.

At Hidden Bay Resorts Mentawais, we’re not just about offering a place to stay; we’re about creating an experience. Our resort isn’t just a place; it’s a vibe, a lifestyle, and a celebration of surf culture!

Chapter 2: What’s the deal with Hidden Bay Resort Mentawai

We’re not your typical resort. We live and breathe surf, thrive on connection, and live for adventure. Our place is a gem, and it’s time to share it with the world.

You know, those moments where the sun kisses the ocean, and you feel like you’re in a postcard? Yeah, that’s every day here. It’s about the thrill of catching the perfect wave, the chill vibes after, and the camaraderie that comes with sharing it all.

Chapter 3: Surf, train, relax – The Hidden Bay vibes

Our mantra is simple: surf, train, relax. Whether you’re a pro surfer, yoga lover, or just looking for a chill spot, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to ride the wave of your choice.

Picture waking up to the sound of perfect waves crashing and the tropical birds singing. Then, start your day with a rejuvenating yoga session overlooking the bay. Top it off with a breakfast that tastes like love – fresh, healthy, and served with a side of good vibes. Go to our high performance center (or if you prefer something more casual, you can take some surfing lessons with our teachers) and catch some amazing waves!

Chapter 4: High season waves begin

This is where the real adventure begins. Hit the waves with our awesome surf guides who know the breaks like the back of their boards. After an epic surf session, kick back in our main spot for recovery and good vibes. Think massages, fishing, or just soaking in the beauty of the Mentawai sunset.

Chapter 5: What’s up with the 2024 waves

This season, our strategic spot in Playgrounds guarantees waves for everyone. Get ready for a surf adventure you won’t forget. It’s about catching the waves of your dreams and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Chapter 6: Reservations open – your ticket in

The big question: Are you ready for Hidden Bay’s 2024 high season? Reservations are open, and your spot in the surf saga is waiting. Lock it in, pack your stuff, and get ready for an epic ride.

Chapter 7: Closing thoughts – let’s make waves

Alright, that’s the scoop. Hidden Bay is more than a place; it’s an experience. So, what do you say? Grab your gear, book your spot, and let’s make some waves together.

Stay stoked, pals! See you all in the lineup! 🤙

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