A fun left-hander that provides a good wall for turns and an occasional little barrel at the take off on lower tides. Good option when the swell is small and west.

Recommended board: Small for turns or fishboard.
Our advice: A lot of times the bigger waves in the set are not necessarily the best…pay attention to the end section on lower tides as the reef becomes exposed.

Zone: Nyang Nyang
Distance from resort: 10 min on our speed boat
Wave Type: Left-hander good for turns, an occasional barrel on the takeoff.
Rate: 5/10
Length: 30-75 meters
Board: Small for turns or fishboard.
Consistency: 7/10, Very consistent
Ideal size: 2-4 feet
Difficulty: 3/10 None
Bottom: Coral Reef
Reef Factor: 4/10
Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Danger: 3/10
Swell Direction: Southwest/West
Ideal Wind: None/East
Best Tide: Medium/High
Note: Small/Medium west swell and lower tides it is also a good bet