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It’s a right hander mushier and good for turns ideal for days with little or no waves as it’s a kind of swell magnet. Recommended board: Short board good for turns on mushier waves. Our advice: It’s a wobbly and temperamental wave, it’s only worthy to go to Burgerworld when everywhere else is flat since […]


A hollow fast left with a good barrel section. Very good when there is a good west swell around. Recommended board: Good barrel board Our advice: On bigger days the take off gets kind of tricky in some bigger sets at low tide. Watch out for the reef on the inside at lower tides Zone: […]


A right hander a little further down the line from Bank Vaults … a mushier wave good wave for turns that occasionally produces short barrels on the take off close to the rocks at low tide. It is one of the best option when the swell is very small as it works as a wave […]


A heavy and hollow deep water right hander with two distinct sections, one closer to the channel that provides good heavy barrels and another section deeper which also provides very good waves under ideal conditions and can connect all the way to the channel on epic days. Watch out for bigger sets that come out […]


Hideaways is a heavy and hollow left that breaks over a very shallow irregular reef of colorful corals. The wave has a late drop ‘ledge’ style and deep barrels on the deeper section close to the main peak and an easier take off with a section good for turns breaking wider. Recommended board: Fast board […]